Anhui Health Box has become the designated protective mask brand by the Malaysian Olympic Organizing Committee

On June 18, 2021, the Malaysian Olympic Delegation Tokyo and Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Health Box") officially reached a strategic sponsorship cooperation for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and became the official designated cooperation mask brand by the Malaysian Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games. According to the agreement, hundreds of athletes in Malaysia will wear the Covid-19 virus inactivated surgical masks made by Health Box. Health box regards a large Covid-19 virus inactivated mask production enterprise, this sponsorship of the Malaysian Olympic delegation, will accompany the athletes together to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, to ensure the safety of the Olympic athletes.

It is reported that the health box world first European standard medical copper oxide Covid-19 virus inactivated mask, which is the world's top technology, is made of copper oxide non-woven fabric as the main raw material. Using the antimicrobial properties of copper ions, a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including Covid-19 virus, can be inactivated by direct contact. Its significant inactivation effect has been verified by the authoritative test of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases of China (P3). In the meantime, the detection report of academy of medical science of anhui province examines and proves that its copper ion precipitation rate is 1/10000 of safe value, the irritant to the skin is 0. This type of mask conforms to the typeIIR level of European EN14683 medical mask, and has obtained the EU DOC certification, ISO13485, national standard 19083, German TUV test and other tests, and successfully entered the export white list of the Ministry of Commerce of China. According to the reporter, the European standard medical copper oxide inactivated masks produced by Health Box are not only the folding type specified by the Malaysian delegation this time, but also the flat-type European standard medical copper oxide new crown inactivated masks are also exported to various countries. At present, the protective masks produced by Anhui Health Box are exported to overseas markets and have been well received in more than 20 countries such as the United States, Germany, India, Brazil, Russia, Canada, France and so on.

Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., as a modern protective mask manufacturer, has been in accordance with international standards for self-requirements.According to the report, Health Box has the business license of the second class medical devices and the production license of the medical devices, but also obtained the AAA certification of the authoritative international credit institutions, the company has an independent research and development team, high-end laboratory, and has won a number of patent certification.In addition, Health Box is the first enterprise in Anhui Province to be listed on the "Double White List" of medical and civil epidemic prevention materials issued by the Chamber of Commerce for Medical Insurance of the Ministry of Commerce. It is also one of the suppliers of masks designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"It is a great honor for Health Box to enter into a strategic cooperation with the Malaysian Olympic Organizing Committee and help the Olympic athletes to create brilliance in the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is also the recognition and encouragement of Health Box.In the future, Health Box will continue to focus firmly on technological innovation and user experience, providing consumers with world-class products and creating more value for society, "said Huang Yuhao, Chairman of Health Box.

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