Health Box and Anhui Wenyi reach strategic cooperation

Health Box and Anhui Wenyi reach strategic cooperation

Anhui Health box  Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Wenyi basketball club have reached a strategic cooperation. Both sides will follow the principle of complementary advantages and mutual benefit, and constantly expand the development field. On June 3, the strategic cooperation ceremony between box health and Anhui Wenyi was successfully held in Wenyi men's basketball training base. Gong Luming, vice chairman of China Basketball Association and chairman of Anhui Wenyi basketball club; Huang Yuhao, chairman of Anhui box Health Technology Co., Ltd., Shen Nuo, deputy general manager of Anhui Wenyi basketball club, Liu Jiulong, head coach of Anhui Wenyi men's basketball team and other players attended the strategic cooperation ceremony.

As a manufacturer of high-end protective products, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. integrates production, study and research. It is the first medical protective mask manufacturer and export sales enterprise in Anhui Province to enter the "double white list" of the Ministry of Commerce medical insurance chamber of Commerce. It is also a designated cooperative brand of Anhui Provincial Hospital, and is included in the Ministry of foreign affairs centralized purchasing system as a designated supplier of the Ministry of foreign affairs. At present, Anhui health box has successfully obtained the national medical device production license and medical device registration certificate, and has more than 20 certifications, such as EU CE certificate, international GB2626-2019 new national standard test certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, etc

It is reported that the main products sponsored by Wenyi basketball club are box health polylactic acid antibacterial protective mask and COPPER OXIDE MASK with COVID-19 inactivation performance. Among them, COPPER OXIDE MASK mainly adopts five layer structure, the inner and outer two layers contain copper oxide non-woven fabric, the middle two layers are water-based melt blown, layer by layer protection, which can ensure the killing of more than 100 kinds of bacteria and viruses. After the authoritative test of national P3 laboratory and the comprehensive monitoring of State Key Laboratory of emerging infectious diseases, the final inactivated mask contains copper ion precipitation rate of one ten thousandth of the safety value, which is safe and non irritating. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of biodegradable material, which is made of starch from renewable resources (such as corn). By using its unique properties, PLA full degradation antibacterial mask with environmental protection, degradation, bacteriostasis and other advantages is introduced.


At the cooperation ceremony, Huang Yuhao, chairman of box health, said in his speech that box health, like Anhui Wenyi basketball club, is a local enterprise in Anhui Province. As a modern protective equipment manufacturer, it has not only the responsibility of high-efficiency and high-quality production, but also the social responsibility of building competitive sports spirit. This time, box health and Anhui Wenyi can reach strategic cooperation, become the sponsor of Wenyi men's basketball team in 2021 season, and an important measure for the majority of consumers who have always trusted and supported our company's work, and also the support of box health for Anhui basketball and Anhui Sports Development.

Founded in 2013, Anhui Wenyi basketball club is the only professional club of Anhui three major balls. Since joining the National Men's Basketball League (NBL), the men's basketball team won three titles, two second and one runner up in six seasons, which is the leading team worthy of NBL. Referring to the cooperation between the two sides, Shen Nuo, vice general manager of Anhui Wenyi basketball club, said that the strategic cooperation reached between Wenyi basketball club and box health is undoubtedly a strong and strong joint effort, "we will wear the best protective products and go to the NBL competition in 2021, striving to achieve the best results."

After the ceremony, the reporter interviewed one of the players in Wenyi basketball club. He said that his current mask is one of the health box , which attracts him to be safe and comfortable. He expressed his gratitude for the sponsorship of the team by the company, and will give back the support of fans and all walks of life with the best performance.

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