Anhui Fengyuan health box new material technology Co., Ltd. participated in China International New Material Industry Expo.

Anhui Fengyuan health box new material technology Co., Ltd. participated in China International New Material Industry Expo.

On July 16, 2021, Anhui Fengyuan box health new material technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture of international polylactic acid giant Fengyuan Group and Covid-19 inactivated mask manufacturer health box , appeared in the international new materials industry expo with the world's first biodegradable masks, protective clothing and other new environmental protection and health consumables. It exchanged and interacted with hundreds of entrepreneurs to understand the development trend of the industry.

Anhui Fengyuan health box new materials Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province. It is jointly funded by Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd., two star enterprises in Anhui Province, and a subsidiary of Fengyuan Group. With a total area of more than 20000 square meters, the company is established according to the standard of 100000 level dust-free workshop, and is committed to the modification of PLA, PBAT and other health new materials, as well as the R & D, production and sales in the application field.

Adhering to the enterprise concept of "pioneering and innovation, integrating with nature", Fengyuan box launched bio based fully degradable modified raw materials and products with PLA, PBAT, PBS, PHA, PCL as raw materials (including but not limited to fully degradable non-woven fabric, melt blown cloth, mask, protective clothing, gauze, disposable tableware, convenience bag, plastic film and a series of medical and civil products). The products are sold overseas, and with good reputation and perfect after-sales service, they have won wide praise from customers and made great contributions to the environmental protection of the earth.

Jin Haitao, chairman of Anhui Fengyuan health box new materials Co., Ltd., who participated in the international new materials industry expo, said that as a green new materials company, Fengyuan box always keeps in awe of nature, and always advances in the direction of green, environmental protection and pollution-free. In the future, Fengyuan box will continue to innovate, break through and climb the peak of the industry, Create the most competitive brand value.

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