Health Box Has Unveiled a New Surgical Mask for Medical Use

On the morning of July 12, 2022, "Medical Application and Achievement Transformation seminar of New Health Materials and Press Conference of New Medical Surgical Masks of Health Box" was officially held in Shangrong Big Health Industrial Park, Yaohai District, Hefei city.At the conference, the new medical surgical mask produced by Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. was the first in the world. It is reported that the mask can contact with 99% of the inactivated human coronavirus. The conference aims to "promote the in-depth innovative integration of scientific and technological new materials and medical instruments to facilitate the multi-scene application of scientific and technological epidemic prevention".

It is understood that the conference is guided by China International Travel Health Care Association, supported by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, hosted by China International Travel Health Care Association medical supplies and medical cooperation branch, anhui Health and Cosmetics Association, Shangrong Medical Co., LTD., anhui Health box Technology Co., LTD.

On the day of the conference, the theme of "Medical application and Achievement Transformation of new health materials" was held in the form of expert speech, achievement presentation, strategic signing and roundtable forum.Meeting invited wang of China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association, China association of international travel health care Zhang Li, xiao-hong duan, vice President of China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association, China association of international travel health care medical supplies and medical cooperation branch addressed Cai Tianzhi chairman, medical supplies and medical cooperation branch secretary-general Chen Hongyan,Anhui provincial health care association Lu Weifu cosmetics, jiangsu zhongnan genesis medical technology co., LTD., chairman of Qian Wancheng, China association of international travel health care medical supplies and medical cooperation health, chairman of the club, vice President, box Huang Yuhao deliver a keynote speech, the other characters, prescription, bbca pharmaceutical, tianxing pharmaceutical industry and so on dozens of medicine group, was invited to attend, the head of theAnhui Infectious Disease Hospital, Anhui Chest Hospital, BOE Hefei Hospital and other on-site signed strategic procurement cooperation agreements with Health Box.

Huang Yuhao, chairman of HealthBox, delivered a keynote speech titled "Science and Technology epidemic Prevention, Medical innovation is the Only way to go". He said:"The way to be high, will be coronavirus continuous variation, contagious stronger and stronger, more and more high to the requirement of protection and epidemic prevention products, from research and development of the world's first new crown inactivated masks, to now can be inactivated coronavirus developed this new type of medical surgical masks, we have been in the health of the new material level medical application field for exploration and innovation."

As we know, the novel coronavirus system has been changing continuously since the outbreak of the epidemic. Research on health box technology anti-epidemic products is also advancing. Innovative products such as COVID-19 inactivated masks, fully degradable masks and N95 for medical use have been launched.The COVID-19 inactivation mask released by Health Box in 2020 has become a representative product of Hefei's scientific and technological anti-epidemic and mass prevention and control. It has been collected by Anhui Innovation Museum and designated as a protective mask by the Malaysian Olympic Organizing Committee. It accompanied the Malaysian delegation to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games and Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.Inactivated masks have been exported to Malaysia, Germany, Australia, Japan and other countries with remarkable results.

On the scene of the conference, Huang Yuhao, on behalf of Health Box, launched the "new medical surgical mask" upgraded with new inactivated material. The inactivated material of this mask has been tested by Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center to inactivate more than 99% of the coronavirus.By ningbo Customs technology center detection can inhibit more than 99% of staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, candida albicans.In addition, the new surgical mask can filter 100 percent of bacteria and is also effective in preventing tuberculosis (MYCObacterium tuberculosis).At present, this product has complete qualifications at home and abroad, has been included in the White list of the Ministry of Commerce, and obtained the authoritative certification of medical device production license, European CE certificate, coronavirus inactivation report, bacteriostatic report of a variety of bacteria and so on.

Reporters on the scene, this mask with triple protection function: can inactivate coronavirus, can filter bacteria, antibacterial, health box confirm the mask retail terminal guidance price 1.5 yuan each, "is such a low price, is hope with superior cost-effective technology to our customers and epidemic prevention, pratt &whitney value of science and technology innovation."Huang Yuhao explains.

In the round table, the participating experts conducted in-depth discussions and researches on "the achievements and problems of China's new medical consumables", "the development environment of China's new medical consumables industry", "the supporting policies for the development of new medical consumables" and "The market prospect of China's new medical consumables".

The transition between tradition and innovation has always been the focus of the healthcare industry.Experts attending the meeting said that judging from the current global development situation, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is poised to take off.Up to now, China's 14th Five-year plan related to medical and health has been released one after another. As an important segment of the pharmaceutical industry, the development path of medical devices in the next five years has been gradually clear, which also provides a broad market space for the new material industry.The experts at the meeting spoke highly of the innovative power of Health Box in the medical application of new materials, and highly recognized the innovative achievement of "new medical surgical mask".

The reporter learned that As a representative enterprise of science and technology epidemic prevention in Hefei and an annual innovative enterprise in Hefei, HealthBox has deep industry-university-research cooperation with a number of top medical institutions and scientific research laboratories around the world, and a number of third-class a hospitals, medical device dealers and scientific research institutions on site have signed strategic cooperation agreements with HealthBox.

Xiao-hong duan, vice President of China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association, said: "hope health box based on epidemic prevention of science and technology industry status quo, to new inactivated high-tech materials as the carrier, continue to deepen the protection product innovation of science and technology, more like will be coronavirus inactivated masks, new medical surgical masks the explosion protection products, to ensure that frontline staff's health."

At the end of the meeting,Health box, general manager of paragonimus comprehensive hospital infection with anhui province hospital dean, vice secretary of party committee liang-ming zhang, chest hospital in anhui province (province TB institute) representative Chen Shuangshuang, its controlling in anhui province pharmaceutical co., LTD., general manager assistant Zhou Kun Yang Dongyu, bbca pharmaceutical marketing co., LTD., general manager, hefei everbright pharmacy chain co., LTD., chairman of Wang Ke lu and other colleges and universities, and distributionBusiness to sign strategic contracts.

"Health box of the issuance of new medical surgical masks is another important innovation in hefei science and technology of epidemic prevention, for control group control, frontline staff can bring safer respirators, the inactivated, multi-functional properties, antibacterial, filtering and pratt &whitney price 1.5 yuan each, this is truly healthy new materials application and achievements transformation of pratt &whitney public health level."Everbright Pharmacy chairman Wang Kelu said.

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