World's first COVID-19 inactivated mask group standard unveiled Health Box releases European standard medical inactivated mask

World's first inactivated mask group standard unveiled Health Box releases European standard medical inactivated mask

At 10:08 a.m. on March 16, 2021, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. "the first approval of the world's inactivated mask group standard and new product launch of health box " was officially held in Shangrong Da health industrial park, Yaohai District, Hefei. Chen Hongyan, Secretary General of medical devices branch of China Medical Materials Association, and more than 20 domestic authoritative media attended the conference.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, all kinds of epidemic prevention materials are in short supply, and a severe market phenomenon is needed for the "demand for a product". Anhui health box  released the world's first copper oxide inactivated mask (non medical) in December 8, 2020. This mask has been favored and pursued by consumers both at home and abroad with the unique COVID-19 inactivation characteristics of internal and external bilayer containing copper oxide non-woven fabrics. Because there is no scientific, rigorous and perfect standard system for inactivated masks, Anhui health box and China Medical Materials Association jointly formulated the group standards for new type of inactivated masks. The standard covers the production requirements, inspection methods, inspection standards, labels, packaging, transportation and storage rules of new inactivation. According to the announcement issued by the China Medical Materials Association, the group standards for inactivated masks mainly include the filtration efficiency of particles, the filtration efficiency of bacteria and the copper ion precipitation rate. It requires that the particle transmission of droplets, pollen and microorganism can be effectively blocked. The filtration efficiency of bacteria is not less than 95%, and the filtration efficiency of particles is not less than 90%. Chen Hongyan, Secretary General of medical equipment branch of China Medical Materials Association, said at the meeting that the approval of the standard of inactivating mask group will effectively improve the quality of masks which are uneven in the market at present due to the lack of standards, and the market will also show an orderly development.

At the conference, Anhui health box first launched the European standard medical version of the inactivated mask, and was introduced by Xu Dayong, chief engineer. It is reported that this copper oxide inactivated mask, specially developed for overseas research and development, has passed the medical test standard of EN14683 typeⅡR in Europe, and obtained the registration certificate of the European Union, and can be used in overseas hospitals. Mr.Xu, the Health box’ engineer, pointed out to reporters that the European standard medical COPPER OXIDE MASK, which is specially developed for overseas, mainly adopts five-layer structure, two layers of copper oxide non-woven fabric inside and outside, two layers of water in the middle level fusion spray, layer by layer protection, which can ensure the killing of more than 100 bacterial viruses. And this mask, through the authoritative test of national P3 laboratory, comprehensively monitored by the State Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases, finally released the inactivated mask containing one tenth of the safety value of copper ion precipitation rate, which is safe and non irritant, and is suitable for the use of hospital environment.


The health report of the finished product mask released by the box was issued by the National Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases. The test result concluded that the COVID-19 culture solution (0.2ml 1.05x105TCIDs/ml of 2.1x104 TCID50) was added to the copper oxide scale mask material of 2cmx2cm size. After 20 minutes exposure, it was compared with the blank control group without adding cloth. The live virus content of HB-008 mask of the health box to be tested decreased by 85.28 + 4.36%; Compared with HB-002 type conventional KN95 mask material without copper oxide, the inhibition rate of the health box HB-008 type copper oxide filter half mask outer fabric on the Covid-19 increased by 37.79+18.40%. This report fully demonstrates the HB-008 model (trademark:  health box) produced by Anhui Health Box  Technology Co., Ltd ®) The mask containing copper oxide filter has good inactivation effect on COVID-19, and this effect is obviously better than that of the ordinary KN95 respirator. With quality as the core and reputation as the benchmark, Anhui Health Box  has won the trust and support of domestic and foreign consumer groups. Through online video, channel merchants from many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan sent their blessings and made detailed inquiries respectively. They highly recognized the quality of Anhui Health Box products and the popularity overseas, and expressed the expectation of cooperation with health box .



"To mark the world, to base on the world!" Huang Yuhao, chairman of Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., stressed the overall requirements of the industry again at the conference. Huang Yuhao, health chairman, pointed out that to make high-quality products recognized by the international market, it is necessary to mark the world standards and focus on the future. Continuous research and development and surpassing are the fundamental foundation for China's anti epidemic material manufacturers. At present, health box has obtained the national standard medical N95 mask domestic registration certificate, the second type medical equipment production license, ISO9001 civil mask and ISO13485 medical mask production management certification, as well as the export of various products of European Union CE certification, the United States FDA certification, Australia TGA certification. Health Box has led the research and development of epidemic masks in the world, and is also the promoter of drafting the standards of inactivated masks.

        Zhang Chi, the representative of China of medical company and general manager of Shanghai pejiu Technology Co., Ltd., the supplier of Anhui box health copper oxide material, comprehensively interpreted the inactivated masks containing copper oxide materials. He said that "the new mask adopts copper oxide non woven cloth with microbial inactivation as the main material, and its main principle is to sterilize it by cu2+ active metal ions, It has obvious inactivation effect. " Experts at the conference made a fresh interpretation of the world epidemic in 2021, and said that the struggle against COVID-19 is still grim. It is hoped that in the next normal epidemic prevention and control, enterprises like the health box research and development high-tech mask can bear the social responsibility of epidemic prevention actively, so as to ensure the rigid demand of the market.

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