Health Box becomes a member of China Medical Materials Association

Health Box becomes a member of China Medical Materials Association

During the period of COVID-19, health box has been helping to fight the epidemic, and actively associated with caring enterprises and people from all walks of life to donate money to the epidemic prevention and control work. Box health always abides by the tenet of China Association of pharmaceutical manufacturers, serves the industry wholeheartedly, and contributes to the reform and development of China's pharmaceutical materials industry.

It is reported that the China Pharmaceutical Materials Association is a national industrial organization, a first-class legal person organization of a non-profit social organization approved by the Ministry of civil affairs of the people's Republic of China in 1989, and the competent business unit is the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. The association is always responsible for reflecting the reasonable demands and legitimate rights and interests of pharmaceutical material enterprises. This time, Anhui health box was able to join the China Medical Materials Association and was fortunate to be a member of it. It is the recognition and incentive for the health box. The health box will join hands with all employees to promote the growth of the enterprise and the development of China's medical industry.

Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd., as a medical N95 production enterprise of key epidemic materials supply in Anhui Province, established in 2020, has rapidly become the leader of epidemic prevention materials production and sales enterprise. It has been reported by Anhui Satellite TV, Hong Kong Satellite TV, Shanghai first finance and other well-known media for many times, and has become one of the most representative epidemic materials production high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province. The company always adheres to the general policy of "high quality, high efficiency and increment", with strict quality control and focusing on product performance upgrading.

Chen Hongyan, Secretary General of medical devices branch of China Medical Materials Association, at the 3.16 news conference held by Anhui health box , highlighted and affirmed the enterprise responsibility of box health in the epidemic situation, which not only maintained the supply of domestic epidemic materials, but also exported to more than 10 countries such as the United States, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Russia, etc, It has made outstanding contributions to the world's anti epidemic. She stressed that the development of China's medical and health industry is inseparable from the innovation of medical devices, and further expressed her encouragement and expectation. Even in the face of the post epidemic situation, Anhui health box still insists on technological innovation and new product development. Medical N95 and new crown inactivated COPPER OXIDE MASKs are high-tech masks that health box led the R & D team to launch in response to the epidemic situation.

Box medical N95, in order to make users feel more comfortable and have the best experience, the design team not only considered the safety of the product, but also considered the portability and comfort. The respirator has passed the certification of GB 19083-2010, and the filtration efficiency of bacteria is higher than 95%. It greatly reduces people's exposure to diseases including coronavirus and influenza. Adjustable nose clip and soft inner material make the mask more comfortable without being squeezed. Copper oxide inactivation mask adopts the world's top technology, with "non-woven fabric containing copper oxide" as the main material, and this raw material has patented technology. It is reported that this protective mask can effectively inactivate more than 100 kinds of viruses, bacteria and even mites. Inactivated masks not only put forward very high requirements for the form, content, product design and production process of the combination of copper ion and non-woven fabric, but also require that the copper shedding rate must be within the range of human safety, with high technical requirements and barriers. Box health continues to break through the traditional mask production technology, and strive to make the production industry standardized, large-scale and normalized, which is highly consistent with the purpose of the association.

Huang Yuhao, chairman of Anhui health box, said that according to the requirements of Secretary General Chen Hongyan of China Association of trade unions, the team will continue to develop new protection products, jointly  promote the healthy development of the industry, and let more people see the truly high-quality made in China.

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