Health Box signs strategic cooperation agreement with CIIC care

On September 1, 2021, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "health box ") and Zhongzhi aiaitong (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongzhi aiaitong") officially reached a strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, the two sides will use brand advantages, channel advantages and technical advantages to establish a strategic cooperative relationship based on the principle of common long-term anti epidemic. The signing ceremony of box health and Zhongzhi aiaitong was held in the conference center of Putian science and Technology Industrial Park. It is reported that Pan Jun, general manager of CIIC care, Chen Ren, general manager of operation Department, Gu Wei, assistant general manager and general manager of public affairs department, and Wu Hesheng, chairman of Shanghai Modern Service Industry Development Research Foundation attended the strategic signing ceremony.

This time, health box and Zhongzhi aiaitong have reached an agreement on the exclusive agency of health box containing copper oxide COVID-19 inactivation mask HB-008 Chinese version and HB-118 English version. The two sides will carry out long-term and stable strategic cooperation in channel expansion, brand publicity and marketing planning on the premise of mutual benefit and win-win results.

Health Box is a modern high-end protective mask manufacturing enterprise, with 100000 aseptic plants, more than 50 automatic mask all-in-one machines and an independent R & D team, and has obtained a number of patent certifications. Last year, the new crown inactivation mask containing copper oxide launched by health box in the world broke 500 million views on the whole platform within 72 hours, detonated domestic and foreign markets, and exported hundreds of millions. This year, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the health box  European standard medical COVID-19 inactivated mask appeared at the opening ceremony with the Malaysia delegation and stepped on the international stage to let the world know the strength of the health box brand. At present, health box has obtained more than 20 overseas certification tests, including EU CE certificate, German TUV certification, Malaysia MDA and Canada MDL certificate.
As a high-tech human resources service company under Zhongzhi company, Zhongzhi aiaitong builds an ecological platform for enterprises, employees, brands and social organizations based on new technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It is a large-scale human resources service organization with popularity and influence in China.

It is understood that CIIC care has a mature operation mode in terms of trade market development and sales channel maintenance, while health box has the advantages of brand resources and technology R & D. The health box authorization Zhongzhi care Tong has become the exclusive agent of China's COPPER OXIDE MASK. It is specially developed for New Coronavirus. It uses five layers of structure, with copper oxide non-woven fabric as the main material, and its inactivation effect on COVID-19 is as high as 99.7%. After 5 days of wearing it, its inactivation effect is still as high as 99%. In addition, the health box European standard medical version of the covid-19 inactivation mask containing copper oxide (hb-118) meets the European EN 14683 type IIR medical detection standard and can enter the major medical scene fields in Europe.
At the signing ceremony, the reporter deeply felt that the two companies were full of confidence in this cooperation. It is reported that health box authorizes Zhongzhi aiaitong to become the exclusive distributor of European standard medical and national standard civil copper oxide covid-19 inactivation masks. The establishment of a formal cooperative agency relationship is an important strategic cooperation between the two sides to enhance social influence, give play to synergy and achieve a breakthrough in the company's market expansion.

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