When autumn and winter come, the Covid-19 inactivation mask of health box children's version gives babies the safest protection

Anhui Health Box has launched the national standard children's version of the Covid-19 inactivated mask, which is a plane high-end protective mask specially designed for children aged 6-12. Compared with the adult version, the children's version puts forward high requirements for the form, content, product design and production process of the combination technology of copper ion and non-woven fabric. The box health R & D team overcame the technical difficulties and finally launched a children's version of the Covid-19 inactivation mask in line with the national standards.

The Health Box children's version of the covd-19 mask has been tested by the National Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases at the national P3 level. The killing activity of the COPPER OXIDE MASK on the health box to covid-19 is as high as 99.7%. According to the test report of the Anhui Academy of Medical Sciences, the copper oxide ion release rate is 1/10000 and the skin irritation is 0.

Health Box children's Covid-19 inactivation mask is a new type of inactivation mask mainly made of copper containing non-woven fabric. It uses the anti microbial characteristics of copper ions to directly contact with inactivated bacteria, viruses and fungi. It has the product functions of safety, non stimulation and skin comfort, and meets the standard of GB/T32610-2016.

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