Health Box Covid-19 inactivated mask, 99.7% Covid-19 inactivation

Covid-19 has been reported in 9 hot spots, and 15 passengers on Yumen to Lanzhou West train on D2746 15 have reported 13 new crown pneumonia infections. Previously, in August, the Beijing g486 high-speed railway also had the phenomenon of infection among passengers. What happens when public places such as trains, planes, buses and other places become infected? However, COVID-19 is forced to wear masks. Why are there any cases of cluster epidemic? This is caused by many reasons, one of which is the cross infection caused by bacterial adhesion caused by ordinary masks.

During the epidemic, a Covid-19 inactivated mask attracted world attention. It is understood that it was launched by Anhui Health Box on December 8, 2020. This copper oxide Covid-19 inactivation mask has been tested and proved by the P3 State Key Laboratory of emerging infectious diseases headed by Professor Guan Yi, a world-famous medical microbiology expert. Once launched, the total number of views on the whole Internet platform exceeded 500 million, which was reported by Xinhua news agency,, BBC and other domestic and foreign media. At the same time, this mask is also purchased through the centralized procurement center of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs and sent to multiple overseas embassies. In the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the European standard medical Covid-19 inactivated mask also appeared in the Olympic Games with the Malay Olympic delegation and stepped on the international stage.

The reporter learned that ordinary masks are mainly composed of non-woven fabrics and polypropylene PP particles, that is, plastic products, which can only block droplets, and the virus is easy to adhere to the mask body. Scientific research shows that COVID-19 can survive for 7 days or even longer on conventional masks. In addition, ordinary masks are discarded without treatment after use, which will become the carrier of virus and cause cross infection. So what are the unique advantages of the copper oxide filter half mask in the Health Box with Covid-19 inactivation performance, which is the first in the world? In response to this consumption question, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of health box market.

According to general manager Yang of health box, the Covid-19 inactivation mask of health box adopts a 5-layer structure, with two layers of copper oxide non-woven fabric inside and outside, two layers of 99 grade melt blown fabric and one layer of non-woven fabric in the middle, and the filtration efficiency of particles and bacteria can reach 99.9%; Using the anti microbial characteristics of copper ion, more than 200 viruses, bacteria and even mites can be directly inactivated by physical contact, which can effectively avoid the secondary transmission of viruses; The National Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases at grade P3 has been tested and verified to be highly effective against COVID-19, up to 99.7%. Its copper ion release rate is 1/1000, safe and non irritating, and can be reused for 60 times. In addition, the market department, Yang also said that because of this mask, the market exceed the standard, there are a lot of fake and shoddy products on the market. Although the styles and colors of the new crown mask are the same, they are all dyed artificially, not the light pink that is made of copper non-woven fabrics, nor the function of COVID-19. It does great harm to human health, so consumers should choose the right products and refuse fakes.

It is reported that at present, the health box's Covid-19 inactivated mask has obtained more than 30 overseas certification tests, including EU CE certificate, TUV test report, Netherlands cibg, Malaysia MDA, Canada MDL, etc. In addition, the standard of health box Covid-19 inactivation mask has also been recognized by Baidu Google Wikipedia. Anhui box health will continue to contribute to the fight against the epidemic and correct its name for China.
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