Hefei Yaohai Medical Products 24-hour Aid Hong Kong's Anti-epidemic

CCB Hefei, February 22 (Reporter Zhao Jiahui) Since the outbreak of the Hong Kong epidemic, the hearts of the people of the whole country have been affected. On February 18, Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Yaohai District, Hefei City, took the lead in responding to the call of the Party Central Committee, urgently mobilizing production resources, and donating a total value of 5 million yuan to Hong Kong, the world's exclusive novel coronavirus inactivated masks. The batch of supplies departed from Yaohai and arrived in Hong Kong within 24 hours for delivery to help the people of Hong Kong fight the epidemic.

It is reported that this batch of anti-epidemic materials was received by the representative of the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection". On February 20, the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection" sent a letter of thanks. The relevant person in charge said that the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection" will use this batch of materials for the whole territory's fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, support Hong Kong citizens to fight the epidemic with all their strength, and ensure the health of the public.

Anhui Health Box, located in Yaohai District, is a domestic super-large-scale high-end anti-epidemic mask manufacturer. Currently, it can produce 2 million N95 protective masks per day and has more than 50 fully automatic production lines. The products cover FFP3, FFP2, TYPEIIR, medical N95, KN95, etc. Each category, the protective masks produced are exported to countries all over the world and become global anti-epidemic public medical supplies. The anti-epidemic materials donated by this fund took less than 24 hours from the production and deployment of Yaohai to the delivery to the front line of the anti-epidemic, racing against time for Hong Kong's anti-epidemic. Huang Yuhao, the person in charge of the company, said, "Public aid is the mission and responsibility of Health Box as a domestic epidemic prevention company. We hope that the donate products can truly and effectively protect the protection and safety of Hong Kong medical staff and the general public."

It is understood that the anti-epidemic masks donated by Anhui Box Health to Hong Kong are all urgently needed first-line anti-epidemic materials, including medical N95, Filtering Half Mask Containing Copper Oxide with European standard medical version, and national standard civilian version of the novel coronavirus inactivated masks. A total of 150,000 masks Among them, the "Filtering Half Mask Containing Copper Oxide" can inactivate more than 100 kinds of bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus.

At the same time, this mask has a deep relationship with Hong Kong. The novel coronavirus inactivation test of the mask was tested and reported by the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong. At present, the product is also supervised by the laboratory. It has obtained authoritative certifications from many European and American countries, and appeared in the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics as the only protective mask officially designated by the Malaysian Olympic delegation.

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