To Support the Resumption of Work and Production, Health Boxes Donated 50,000 COVID-19 Inactivated Masks to Putuo District in Shanghai

On June 6, 2022, a truck carrying 50,000 Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks and 50,000 medical N95 masks set off from Hefei to assist Shanghai in its resumption of work and production.The COVID-19 inactivated masks produced by Health Box, a representative company of Hefei's "science and technology", are popular products in the "mass prevention and control" of the epidemic.

On June 7, the donation ceremony was officially launched at the first floor of putuo District Administrative Service Center in Shanghai.At the ceremony, Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. donated 50,000 Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks and 50,000 medical N95 to Putuo District of Shanghai in order to help Shanghai steadily move forward with the resumption of work and production.Xu Shujie, Deputy District Governor of Putuo District, Li Gang, Party Secretary and Director of Putuo District Commerce Committee, Tang Jianhui, Director of Putuo District Cooperation and Exchange Office attended the ceremony, Qiang Hao, General Manager of Shanghai Taopu Zhichuangcheng Development and Construction Co., LTD., Huang Yuhao, Chairman of Shanghai Haibo Biotechnology Co., LTD., and Anhui Health Box Technology Co., LTD.The donation was jointly completed by Shanghai Haibus and Anhui Health Box. Haibus was launched by Health Box to establish an investment operation focusing on the supply chain of inactivated filter elements. At present, the company has settled in Shanghai Putuo Zhongyi Innovation Park.

In June, Shanghai made great efforts to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, accelerating the resumption of work and production in the city.How to ensure production under the premise of epidemic prevention and control is a thorny problem facing enterprises that have resumed work and production.As a key epidemic prevention material reserve unit and scientific and technological epidemic prevention enterprise in Anhui province, HealthBox is always paying close attention to the development and changes of domestic epidemic.Previously, resistance to disease and early return to work and production in Shanghai, health box with action reveals social feelings and responsibility to bear, many times to Shanghai donated new crown inactivated masks supplies and medical N95 respirators, epidemic prevention, at present, in order to guarantee the stability of the Shanghai companies and industries, provide epidemic prevention materials support again, to epidemic prevention disease resistance and return to work in Shanghai to provide strong support.

At the ceremony, Mr. Huang Yuhao, Chairman of Health Box, donated 50,000 Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks and 50,000 medical N95 masks to the Putuo District Government of Shanghai. Director Li Gang received them on behalf of Putuo District.Huang Yuhao said, "the public welfare aid is health box as a domestic epidemic prevention science and technology enterprise mission and responsibility, we hope the products of our donation can effectively guarantee the Shanghai medical workers, businesses and public health, safety, and effectively promote Shanghai to return to work and production, hope the Shanghai international cities can quickly work."Since the establishment of Health Box, the enterprise has been adhering to its due responsibilities and obligations, actively integrating domestic supply and domestic demand with its own high-quality resources, continuously devoting itself to domestic public welfare undertakings, not only maximizing the domestic epidemic prevention demand, but also actively supporting and exporting overseas according to the situation.At present, Health Box has sent hundreds of millions of respirators to countries around the world, including Singapore, Japan, Germany, Russia, Pakistan and other southeast Asian countries, as well as many European and American countries.

Mr. Xu shujie, vice district governor, sent a letter of appreciation to Mr. Huang yuhao, chairman of the board, expressing sincere thanks for the generosity of the healthbox enterprise and highly appreciation of the healthbox novel coronavirus inactivated masks.It is reported that the novel Coronavirus inactivation mask donated this time is a scientific and technological product independently developed by the company. The main material is melt-blown cloth and non-woven fabric containing copper oxide. Because its material contains active metal copper ion with virus-killing function, it has a significant inactivation effect on novel Coronavirus.According to the test results of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, this mask can actively inactivate hundreds of viruses and bacteria including Novel Coronavirus, with an inactivation rate of up to 97%.At the same time, it can be used repeatedly for 5 days, which can effectively filter 99% of the particles. Its safety has also been tested by Anhui Academy of Medical Sciences.

At present, the company's novel Coronavirus inactivation series (civil, European standard medical civilian, adult plane, children plane) and other types of protective masks have been successfully produced and sold in the domestic and foreign markets due to their high efficacy in virus eradication and achieved remarkable results.At the same time, the reporter also learned that the health Box r&d team recently made a new breakthrough: the medical protective masks made of the same novel Coronavirus inactivated material have officially completed the registration of the State Food and Drug Administration.The novel Coronavirus inactivated medical surgical mask will not cause the transmission of the virus in contact with the mask in use, indicating the upgrading of domestic daily epidemic prevention products and a historic breakthrough.Technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force of enterprise development.After developing the world's first COVID-19 inactivation mask containing copper oxide, Health Box has also worked on the air filtration technology of "efficient virus inactivation in enclosed and semi-enclosed Spaces".At present, Health Box is planning to build "inactivated filter valley" in Anhui province.This planning set research and development, production and promote the company listing in one of the "Yangtze River Delta strategy", make full use of Shanghai's financial advantages, anhui's manufacturing advantages, coordinated development, market level up to one trillion yuan."In the name, made in China in the disease resistance of dedication", Huang Yuhao emphasizes on activity, "science and technology is the" hard core "power of resistance to disease, in the future, health box will continue to expand and accelerate the development of inactivated material transformation and application, give full play to the prevention of science and technology enterprise's social responsibility, in Shanghai and even the whole country as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and contributions to economic and social development."According to the coronavirus investigation, novel Coronavirus inactivated respirators can be found everywhere on the frontline of the world's COVID-19 response, protecting everyone's safety.Looking forward to the future, inactivated materials will continue to enrich the value creation and scientific and technological strength of science and technology epidemic prevention enterprises in the technological extension and innovation of inactivated filter products in closed space such as automobiles, air conditioners, purifiers and fresh air systems.

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