Health Box and Guangzhou Yiren hospital (former Guangzhou Petrochemical hospital) reach strategic cooperation

Health Box and Guangzhou Yiren hospital (former Guangzhou Petrochemical hospital) reach strategic cooperation

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Guangzhou in June 7, 2021, according to the latest epidemic data released by the National Health Protection Committee in Guangzhou. As of June 7, 2021, 24 new cases of confirmed pneumonia were reported in the province, and 2564 cases were confirmed. In this regard, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Yi Ren Hospital (formerly Guangzhou Petrochemical hospital) reached a strategic cooperation, emergency rescue of twenty thousand medical N95 masks, for COVID-19 Guangzhou prevention and control work.

Anhui box Health Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, with a 100000 level sterilization plant covering an area of more than 10000 square meters. It is a high-end protective equipment manufacturer integrating production, teaching and research. The company has an independent R & D team and has obtained a number of patent certificates. Box health is the first production and sales enterprise in Anhui Province to enter the "double white list" of medical and civil anti epidemic materials of Ministry of Commerce medical insurance chamber of Commerce. At the same time, Anhui health box is also the designated supplier of Ministry of foreign affairs, which is included in the centralized purchasing system of Ministry of foreign affairs of China. Box health, the world's first copper oxide non-woven fabric as the main material, has a highly efficient inactivation of COVID-19 characteristics of copper oxide filter half masks, using five layers of structure, layers of protection, can ensure the killing of more than 100 kinds of bacterial viruses. During the epidemic period, the box health protection masks were successfully exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Taiwan, etc., contributing to the global anti epidemic efforts.

       The reporter learned that the cooperation with Guangzhou Yiren hospital included health box medical N95 protective mask. It is understood that the health box medical protective masks need to go through more than 20 quality management processes from raw materials warehousing to finished products delivery. Its medical N95 anti epidemic mask has overcome the air tightness problem, obtained Anhui Medical N95 protective mask registration certificate and class II medical device production license, and obtained the quality certification of gb19083-2006 and European standard EN 14683 IIR, The filtration efficiency of bacteria is higher than 95%, which greatly reduces the risk of users' exposure to coronavirus and influenza. In addition to considering the performance of the mask, box health also optimizes the appearance design. The adjustable nose clip and soft internal material make the mask more comfortable and won't let users feel squeezed.

It is reported that the health box partner Guangzhou Yiren hospital, the former Guangzhou Petrochemical hospital, is a modern large-scale comprehensive hospital under Yiren group, which integrates medical treatment, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, teaching and scientific research. It is also a designated hospital for medical insurance, work-related injury and birth in Guangzhou and a non-profit hospital approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of health, The hospital has a first-class medical imaging center and the only hyperbaric oxygen treatment center in Huangpu. At present, the hospital is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou for COVID-19 fixed fever treatment and nucleic acid screening hospital.

       "As a N95 manufacturer with the largest scale in the province and complete qualifications at home and abroad, as well as an important supply unit of epidemic prevention materials, box health should fulfill its social responsibility. The outbreak of the epidemic in Guangzhou, medical workers are the main force of epidemic prevention and control, is the backbone, we happen to produce medical N95, can reach strategic cooperation with Guangzhou Yiren hospital, to fight the epidemic, I feel very honored, "Anhui health box Chairman Huang Yuhao said.

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