The Health box COVID-19 Inactivated Mask has been Designated by the Malaysian Commonwealth Games Delegation

On May 23, 2022, anhui health box technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "health box") get letters from Malaysia (bocog), hope health box containing copper oxide new crown inactivated surgical masks, designated as the Malaysian delegation respirators, the commonwealth games to be held a number of sports competitions,And authorizes the Malaysian Commonwealth Games logo to be used on the sponsored Novel Coronavirus inactivated medical mask.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be held from July 27 to August 7 in Birmingham, UK.The Malaysian Olympic Committee has asked hundreds of Malaysian athletes to wear COVID-19 inactivated medical masks made by the Health Box at the Commonwealth Games to protect their health and safety.

The reporter understands, the commonwealth games delegation designated respirators as Malaysia's world debut health box containing copper oxide inactivated masks (European standard medical version), it is a to will be coronavirus developed special masks, microorganisms inactivated characteristics, can not only efficiently block filter and more than 99% of the particles in the air,It can also be exposed to more than 200 inactivated viruses including COVID-19, with an inactivation rate of 97%. The Novel Coronavirus inactivity has been verified by the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Sexually Transmitted Diseases and P3 Laboratory of Shanghai Medical College. It can also be used repeatedly for 5 days, and the respiratory resistance is only 1/3 of the standard range.At present, this type of masks has been launched in the European standard FFP2 class and European standard EN14683TYPEIIR(N99 level) two products, available for public choice.

Notable is that the health box as a bocog official designated cooperation mask brand in Malaysia, this new crown inactivated mask is not the first time to defend the safety of the delegation in Malaysia, earlier as Malaysia's Olympic delegation to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in 2021, the safety return 0 infection, then entered the 2022 Beijing Olympics, and many times the podium.

According to the person in charge of the Marketing Department of Health Box, this mask is specially developed for Europe, in line with foreign medical standards, filtering degree is TYPEIIR grade, through the European EN14683(TYPEIIR) medical testing standards, eu compliance statement and other professional testing certification.In addition, through various tests conducted by Anhui Academy of Medical Sciences, in addition to the safety report on copper ion precipitation, it also has efficient inactivation effect on tuberculosis bacillus.The Malaysian delegation will wear this type of protective mask. Contact with the mask during use will not cause transmission of the virus. Therefore, the mask can be used multiple times without complicated disinfection treatment and maintain normal virus filtration and inactivation.Up to now, the products have been sold to Singapore, Japan, Germany, Russia, Pakistan and other southeast Asian and European and American countries.

"Health Box has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with the Malaysian Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games. It is a great honor for Health Box to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympic Games and help the Olympic athletes create brilliant performances. This is also the recognition and encouragement for health Box.May the Health Box continue to serve Malaysian athletes at the upcoming Commonwealth Games.""Said Huang Yuhao, chairman of Health Box.

The Strategic cooperation between Health Box and the Malaysian Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games was formally concluded in July 2021. Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks accompanied Malaysian athletes to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Beijing Winter Olympic Games and other competitions and returned safely.In scientific and medical innovation research, China's scientific and technological content in the field of personal protection is becoming increasingly prominent. The Novel Coronavirus inactivated mask produced by Health Box can sell well both at home and abroad due to its virus-killing effect, becoming an excellent representative of China's export of anti-epidemic materials, which is also the continuous progress of China's scientific and anti-epidemic enterprises.

Looking forward to the future, health Box in innovative protection products continued high quality development.

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