What is the difference between Health Box Covid-19 inactivated mask and ordinary mask?

Anhui Health Box 's Covid-19 inactivated mask, which was launched worldwide on December 8, 2020, has attracted worldwide attention. Once launched, the total number of views on the whole Internet platform exceeded 500 million, which was reported by Xinhua news agency,, BBC and other domestic and foreign media. In the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the European standard medical new crown inactivated mask also appeared in the Olympic Games with the Malay Olympic delegation and stepped on the international stage.

So what's the difference between Health Box's Covid19 inactivated mask and ordinary mask? The following diagram shows you the difference between the two:

Health box Covid-19 inactivation mask has obtained more than 30 overseas certification tests, including EU CE certificate, TUV test report, Netherlands cibg, Malaysia MDA, Canada MDL, etc. In addition, the standard of health box new crown inactivation mask has also been recognized by Baidu Google Wikipedia.
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