Wenyi men's basketball player becomes the strategic spokesman of health box covid-19 inactivated mask

On September 26, Li Haonan, a member of Anhui Wenyi men's basketball team of Wenyi group, won the championship of the three person basketball men's adult group at the end of the 14th National Games. It is reported that Anhui health box had reached a strategic cooperation with Wenyi men's basketball club. Gong Luming, vice chairman of China Basketball Association and chairman of Anhui Wenyi basketball club, as well as Liu Jiulong, head coach of Wenyi men's basketball club, attended the health box brand cooperation meeting.

This time, in the 14th National Games, Wenyi men's basketball team won the championship in the final of the three person adult basketball group. Anhui health box , as a partner, sent congratulations at the first time and invited Wenyi men's basketball players to become the strategic spokesman of the health box brand.

In the Wenyi men's basketball team, Yang Wenbo and Li Xiangbo became the image spokesmen for the brand promotion shooting of box health. Under the high-definition lens of the photographer, the two athletes held or wore the new crown inactivation mask specially customized for Wenyi club. It is reported that Wen Yi men's basketball players endorsed the last year's box health world's first and 99.7% half inactive copper oxide filter half mask on covid-19, which launched the market at home and abroad. This year, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the health box European standard medical covid-19 inactivation mask appeared at the opening ceremony with the Malay delegation, boarded the international stage, and let the world know the strength of the health box brand.

According to the person in charge of the health box market, the reason why Wenyi men's basketball players were selected to take publicity photos for the health box was that the sportsmanship of the athletes who did not admit defeat, did not bow their heads and faced difficulties in the National Games was highly consistent with the enterprise style of the health box. In addition, it is a great honor for box health to successfully invite Wenyi men's basketball players to speak and shoot.

The reporter learned that as a modern production and reserve unit of epidemic prevention materials in line with international standards, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. has specially launched a plane high-end protective mask designed for children aged 6-12, mainly made of copper containing non-woven fabric, Using the anti microbial characteristics of copper ion, it can directly contact with inactivated bacteria, viruses and fungi, and has the product function of safety, non stimulation and skin friendly comfort.
"At the National Games, athletes add luster to their hometown on the field, and box health escorts their health and safety. In addition, health box , like Wenyi, is a local enterprise in Anhui. Inviting sports stars to speak for the brand image of health box is an important choice for the external display of corporate image. Health Box  is willing to move forward hand in hand with Wenyi club Hometown wins glory and achieves good results, "said Huang Yuhao, chairman of health box .

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