Health Box donated medical N95 and COVID-19 inactivated mask to infectious disease hospital of Anhui Provincial Hospital

Health Box donated medical N95 and COVID-19 inactivated mask to infectious disease hospital of Anhui Provincial Hospital

On May 27, 2021, the donation ceremony between Anhui Health box  Technology Co., Ltd. and the infectious disease hospital of Anhui provincial hospital was officially held in the conference hall of the hospital office. It is reported that Zhang Liangming, President of the infectious disease hospital of Anhui Provincial Hospital, Hu Jingsheng, deputy director of the provincial Red Cross office, secretary and person in charge of the foundation's Party branch, and Wang Yongdong, Secretary General of the foundation, attended the donation ceremony. In addition, Anhui Business Daily, Hefei evening news, market star, Hefei TV news channel and other domestic authoritative media also participated in the event.

Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. has a 100000 level sterilization plant with an area of more than 10000 square meters. It is a high-end protective equipment manufacturer integrating production, study and research. The company has an independent R & D team and has obtained a number of patents. Health  Box is the first production and sales enterprise in Anhui Province to enter the "double white list" of medical and civil anti epidemic materials of Ministry of Commerce medical insurance chamber of Commerce, as well as the designated cooperative brand of Anhui provincial hospital. At the same time, Anhui health box is also the designated supplier of the Ministry of foreign affairs, which is included in the centralized purchasing system of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China.

The reporter learned that the donation included health box medical N95, polylactic acid antibacterial protective mask and COPPER OXIDE MASK with new crown inactivation performance. It is known that the COPPER OXIDE MASK produced by the box has the inactivation characteristic of COVID-19. It is supervised by Professor P3, the world famous medical microbiology expert, and the National Key Laboratory of infectious diseases of University of Hong Kong, which is the director of the laboratory, and the COVID-19 inactivation report is produced in the laboratory. Polylactic acid antibacterial protective mask is a new type of degradable medical consumables jointly developed by box health and Fengyuan Group. It uses the world's mainstream degradable material polylactic acid (PLA) injection to replace the medical consumables of plastic products currently used in the market. It has the advantages of environmental protection, degradation and antibacterial, and its antibacterial rate can reach 99%. In addition, box health has also obtained the registration certificate of medical N95 protective masks in Anhui Province, becoming one of the few mass production enterprises of medical N95 masks in Anhui Province.

At the ceremony, Huang Yuhao, chairman of box health, said: "it is the responsibility of box health as a modern manufacturer of protective masks to donate protective masks free of charge to the infectious disease hospital of Anhui provincial hospital to ensure the life safety of all medical staff. Moreover, at this stage, the epidemic situation in Anhui is repeated, and the hospital is an important strategic position. We can do our little, It's a great honor. "

It is reported that the infectious disease hospital of Anhui provincial hospital is a specialized infectious disease hospital established by the integration of Anhui provincial hospital and Hefei infectious disease hospital. It was founded in 1955 and has developed into a specialized hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and first aid with advanced equipment and strong technical force. Zhang Liangming, President of infectious disease hospital of Anhui Provincial Hospital, said in his thanks to the company's free donation of nearly 500000 protective masks to box health: "box health has donated to our hospital before, and I trust the quality of box health products. On behalf of all staff of the hospital, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to box health for this donation, Our hospital will also firmly perform its duty of protecting people's health and safety, continue to improve medical quality and service level, and provide solid guarantee for people's health. "

       After the ceremony, the reporter interviewed Mr. Yang, director of box health marketing department. She said: "the masks donated this time are the main products of our company. Box health has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of creating value and giving back to society, actively practicing social responsibility, and becoming an enterprise with a sense of responsibility and correct values has always been the direction of our company's efforts."

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