Health Box's COVID-19 inactivated mask appears in Tokyo Olympic Games

Health Box's COVID-19 inactivated mask appears in Tokyo Olympic Games

Novel coronavirus pneumonia 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games opened only five days. Under the background of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic situation is not stable, the Tokyo Olympic Games are quite different from before, and every athlete needs to do safety measures. On July 17 (Beijing time), Malaysian Prime Minister muhidin Yassin personally went to the airport to see off the athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games wearing the health box's covid-19 inactivated mask, and encouraged the Malaysian Olympic athletes to strive to win the first Olympic gold medal in Malaysian History. The mobilization meeting was jointly attended by the chairman of the Malaysian Olympic Committee, dansrinadatuk srinamohamed noyizakaria, head of the Malaysian Olympic delegation, Datuk Li Zongwei, and Malaysian gymnastics princess Farah Ann Abdul Hadi. Previously, in order to ensure the safety of athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Malaysian Olympic delegation reached a strategic cooperation with health box, becoming the only designated sponsor of protective masks for the Malaysian Olympic delegation. This fully reflects Malaysia's prime minister's full support for the country's sports cause and his deep concern for the safety of athletes.

At the farewell ceremony, Malaysian Prime Minister muhidin Yassin said that although the epidemic has brought many challenges, sports advocate the spirit of forging ahead. He hoped that the athletes of the Malaysian Olympic Games in Tokyo will win the gold medal, enhance Malaysia's influence on the international stage, and prove that Malaysians have the ability to become the best athletes in various events. As for the health box's covid-19 inactivated mask and Malaysian Olympic representatives going to Tokyo Olympic Games together, Mr. Xie Yuchao, chairman of obor company, the general distributor of health box in Malaysia, said that he believed that under the leadership of Li Zongwei, the head of the Olympic delegation, and with the added safety guarantee of the health box's covid-19 inactivated mask, the Malaysian Olympic athletes will surely be able to fight safely and return with high reputation, And the box health new crown inactivated mask with athletes on the international stage, let the world know about the brand of health box, he felt very proud.

Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd., which has become the official brand partner of the Malaysian Olympic Committee, is a well-known international manufacturer of modern large-scale protective masks. During the epidemic last year, hundreds of millions of anti epidemic masks were exported from health box, which were highly praised by more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore and India. Huang Yuhao, chairman of box health, said that he was very grateful to the Malaysian Olympic Committee for its trust and support in health box.  the health box's covid-19 inactivated mask will protect every athlete's health. He felt  it is his honor to be able to make some contribution to the athletes' safe journey this time, I also wish Malay athletes win gold and silver in the Olympic Games.

It is understood that the Health box sponsored medical mask containing copper oxide , which is worn by the Malaysian Prime Minister and the delegation of the Olympic Committee, has been widely concerned by countries all over the world since it came out, and has become a health box's popular product. Compared with ordinary masks, the health box's covid-19 inactivated mask with copper oxide developed by box health uses copper oxide non-woven fabric with the characteristics of microbial inactivation as the main material of the mask, which is mainly inactivated by Cu2 + active metal ions. The detection results of the National Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases at P3 level showed that the mask had a 99.7% inactivation effect on New Coronavirus. At present, Anhui box health has obtained the European Union CE certification, Malaysia MDA, Netherlands cibg, ISO13485 and other related certification in the world.

Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned modern large-scale anti epidemic material production enterprise. During the epidemic period, it has been committed to helping the global anti epidemic and actively participating in public welfare undertakings. This time, Anhui health box was able to compete with the athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which shows that Malaysia highly recognizes the brand image and excellent product strength of health box

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