Anhui Health Box Technology Co.,ltd. has reached strategic cooperation with Ivy League University of science and Technology Co., Ltd

On September 1, 2021, Anhui Health Box Technology Co.,ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Health box ) and Ivy League University of science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ivy League) held a signing ceremony at Shanghai Ivy League Headquarters, and the two sides officially reached a strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, Ivy League will become the exclusive sales agent of box health in Australia and New Zealand. The two sides will work together to explore the southern hemisphere market. It is reported that Wu Shen, chairman of Ivy League and President of New Human Resources Research Institute, Hou Yahong, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai modern service industry development research foundation, and Zhang Gui, former vice chairman of Shanghai returned overseas Chinese Federation, jointly attended the signing ceremony.

The cooperation between health box  and Ivy League marks that the two sides have reached a close cooperative relationship and entered a new stage of common development. They will use their respective brands, customer resources and channel advantages to open in-depth strategic cooperation. It is understood that in the cooperation treaty, box health authorized Ivy League to become the general agent of health box's covid-19 inactivation mask hb-008 Chinese version and hb-118 English version in Australia and New Zealand.

Anhui health box  has a 100000 level sterile production workshop of tens of thousands of square meters. It is a large mask production base integrating production, study and research. It has been selected into the "double white list" of medical and civil epidemic prevention materials of the medical insurance chamber of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce. At the same time, health box  is also a supplier designated by the Ministry of foreign affairs, has been included in the centralized procurement system of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, and has also been listed as a designated procurement unit by the SASAC of the State Council. At present, box health has obtained more than 20 overseas certification tests, including EU CE certificate, German TUV certification, Malaysia MDA and Canada MDL certificate.
Ivy League is a comprehensive educational institution integrating international education project development, education project investment, education management, education training and consulting services. It is committed to introducing, developing and managing high-quality international courses. At the same time, it is committed to providing all-round international strategic framework and international project implementation management services for cooperation units and schools of provincial and municipal governments at all levels.

It is understood that the cooperation between health box and Ivy League is based on good trust and consideration in the long-term development strategy of both sides. Ivy League has a mature business model in terms of trade channel development and platform resources, while box health has brand and technology R & D advantages. The box health authorization ivy vine has become the exclusive agent of Australia and New Zealand. The COPPER OXIDE MASK is specially developed for covid-19. It has been verified by the State Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases at the national P3 level, and its inactivation effect on COVID-19 is as high as 99.7%. Although it is mainly inactivated by Cu2 + active metal ions, according to the test report of Anhui Academy of Medical Sciences, the precipitation rate of copper oxide ions is one thousandth of the safe value, which is safe and non irritating. In addition, the European standard medical version of the covid-19 inactivation mask containing copper oxide (hb-118), which meets the European EN 14683 type IIR medical testing standard, also appeared at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with the Malaysian delegation and boarded the highest podium, letting the world know the brand power of the health box.
At the signing ceremony, the reporter felt that the two companies were full of expectations for the "strong alliance" and said that the cooperation was the integration of the resource advantages of the two sides. After that, health box may establish a joint venture with Ivy League to establish an epidemic mask factory to maximize the depth of cooperation. In the future, the two sides will uphold the spirit of sharing weal and woe, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, jointly improve the popularity of the health box brand and expand the market share.

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