Health Box Successfully Developed The World's Top FFP3 Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Mask

Recently, Health Box officially released new product that it has successfully developed the world's top FFP3 novel coronavirus inactivation mask with an average respiratory resistance of less than 150pa and a filtration efficiency of 99.9/100.

It is reported that this FFP3 novel coronavirus inactivated mask has been tested and verified by the P3 level of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases, indicating that its inactivation effect on the novel coronavirus is as high as 99.7%. In addition, the Health Box European standard medical folding and flat novel coronavirus inactivated masks are specially developed for overseas medical scenes. This novel coronavirus inactivated mask will also appear with the Malay delegation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, this mask also invited the staff of the National Notary Office to conduct a full-process notarization and supervision of its reusability and antibacterial performance experiments. The data proves that even if it is used repeatedly for five days for a total of more than 120 hours, the Health Box copper oxide filter half mask still has antibacterial and sterilization properties, and the virus killing efficiency does not decrease.

At present, this mask has obtained more than 20 overseas certification tests, including European Union CE, Canadian MDL, Dutch CIBG, and Malaysian MDA. Today, Health Box has launched the world's top FFP3 novel coronavirus inactivated masks, allowing the world to focus on the Health Box. In the future, Health Box will adhere to the development route of high standards and strict requirements, and insist on giving back to consumers with high quality.

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