Fengyuan and health box works hand in hand with new medical materials to promote industry innovation

Fengyuan and health box works hand in hand with new medical materials to promote industry innovation

Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. and Hefei Fengyuan Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. jointly established Anhui Fengyuan health box new materials Co., Ltd. in order to give full play to their channel and technical advantages and accelerate the industrialization process of new technology.

As a listed company, Fengyuan pharmaceutical has more than 500 directly operated pharmacies, hundreds of hospital distribution channels and global export companies. Fengyuan Group has been deeply engaged in the field of Biochemistry, and has made great breakthroughs in the production technology and application of polylactic acid (PLA).


Anhui box Health Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shangrong Health Industrial Park, Yaohai District, Hefei. It is the first medical protective mask export enterprise in Anhui Province to enter the "double white list" of the medical insurance chamber of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, and is committed to the production and development of new degradable medical consumables, PLA injection molding, a globally recognized degradable material, is used to replace the medical consumables of plastic products currently used in the market. With the development of epidemic normalization, health box company is responsible for the global epidemic prevention. The company's research and development team has continued to research and develop a COVID-19 inactivated mask that fully meets the Type2R level of the European EN14683 medical masks. The masks have obtained the registration certificate of the European Union. At present, the box health has obtained the domestic registration certificate of the medical 95 mask. Class II medical device production license is o9001-2015 civil mask and 13485 medical mask production management international authority certification.


Fengyuan and health box joint venture company has good development direction and potential. Both companies are well-known enterprises in Anhui Province. The joint venture enterprises give full play to their respective channel and technical advantages. Since the outbreak of the new crown in early 2020, "Mask" has become a necessary material for families. According to incomplete statistics, the daily mask output of the country has exceeded 54 million. Before masks were mainly made of PP/PE particles, the consumption of such masks has caused great environmental pollution. How to handle the respirators used has become a disturbing problem. This time, Fengyuan and health box  first launched "fully degradable protective mask", so that the mask production and environmental protection will no longer conflict, and the problem of mask pollution has been solved. So the choice of box mask is the choice of green environmental protection.

It is reported that the joint venture is based on medical consumables polylactic acid injection molding, and will make a breakthrough in the research and development and innovation of new medical material technology, realize win-win cooperation between the two sides, and help innovation and development in the field of medical consumables.

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