Health Box strengthens rights protection in the Covid-19 inactivated mask market

In August 2020, Anhui Health Box released the world's first novel coronavirus inactivated masks with copper oxide non-woven fabrics with microbial inactivation properties as the main material. This mask can effectively inactivate more than one hundred viruses, bacteria and even mites. The main principle is to sterilize with Cu2+ active metal ions, creating a precedent for the application of copper in personal protection and medical fields, and the European standard medical version of the novel coronavirus inactivated masks will also join athletes on the international stage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As the market expands, problems such as selling fake Health box novel coronavirus inactivated masks and applying promotional materials are endless. According to the person in charge of the Health Box marketing department, most of the counterfeit and inferior products are made of relatively cheap copper non-woven fabrics, which are not authentic Israeli-made virus-killing raw materials with independent intellectual property rights. Some non-woven fabrics are even artificially dyed. The light pink color of the non-copper non-woven fabric itself. In addition, the fake Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated masks do not have the virus-killing function at all, and the copper element falls off seriously exceeding the standard, which causes great harm to human health. Therefore, consumers must choose the right products and reject fakes.

(Some online shops selling fake Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated masks)

It is reported that the Health Box has been handed over to a professional team of lawyers in response to the phenomenon of market fakes, and has jointly carried out professional, large-scale and standardized anti-counterfeiting operations with the Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Economic Investigation Brigade. For the illegal acts of stealing Health Box pictures and videos and making secondary productions and selling them on Alibaba,, Taobao, Weidian and other online channels as propaganda images of their own companies, they will conduct evidence-collection lawsuits.

(Some online shops and merchants who promoted the use of promotional materials by Health Box)

The reporter learned that the staff of the Health Box marketing department has contacted the back office of Pinduoduo to urge it to expedite the processing of the over 20 businesses that have been submitted to sell fake Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated masks. Xiaohongshu has contacted the relevant self-media person who sold fakes and made a shop report. All counterfeit shops on all platforms, such as Taobao,, and, have reported and complained. Up to now, this massive anti-counterfeiting campaign has achieved remarkable results. All merchants selling fake Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated masks, such as Weidian and Made in China, have been removed from the shelves. Health Box has "zero tolerance" for unfair business practices that sell counterfeit and shoddy products and disrupt market order. For their infringements, Health Box safeguards rights in accordance with the law, severely cracks down and pursues legal and civil liability.

(The official store of Health Box Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks)

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and companies, Anhui Health Box will further increase its crackdown on counterfeit goods and infringements, resolutely maintain the normal order of the market, and work hand in hand with the government, enterprises and consumers to operate a good business environment.

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