Anhui Health box Exhibition "Friendship Day" sponsored by the Chinese people's Association for Foreign Friendship

Anhui Health box  Exhibition "Friendship Day" sponsored by the Chinese people's Association for Foreign Friendship

On July 10, 2021, the "Friendship Day" Exhibition hosted by the people's Association for foreign friendship of the people's Republic of China was held in Beijing. It is reported that the number of participants in the exhibition activities is nearly 1000, including the Embassy in China, representatives of international organizations in China, artists, international students, etc. Changlin Songtian, the National Association of foreign friends, attended the exhibition. In addition, domestic mainstream media and foreign media journalists in China also participated in the event.

Anhui Health Box  Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous modern large-scale mask manufacturer and a medical N95 production enterprise providing key epidemic materials in Anhui Province. It has 100000 sterile plants, independent R & D team and high-end laboratory. Before that, health box  was listed in the "double white list" of medical and civil epidemic prevention materials of China Medical Insurance chamber of Commerce, and became one of the suppliers of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China. At present, Anhui box health has obtained hundreds of related certifications, such as medical device production license, medical device registration certificate, international ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, etc.

The people's Association for foreign friendship of the people's Republic of China is a National People's group engaged in Civil Diplomacy in the people's Republic of China. It serves the purpose of promoting people's friendship, promoting international cooperation, maintaining world peace and promoting common development, aiming to promote all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging work of civil friendship.

The new cuprous oxide mask, a star product of Health box Exhibition, attracted many visitors. According to the health box staff, the focus of the visitors can be divided into three types: one is the material technology problem; One is inactivation performance; One is market sales. The copper oxide COVID-19 inactivated mask developed by the health box is compared with the conventional mask. It is a copper oxide non-woven fabric with microbial inactivation characteristics as the main material of the respirator. It is mainly inactivated by the active metal ions of Cu2+. It has been tested by the National Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases at P3 level, and its inactivation effect on New Coronavirus is as high as 99.7%. It is understood that, in the European medical field, box health LED R & D team has launched two COVID-19 inactivated masks with copper oxide, which meet the EU type IIR medical surgical standards. At present, the mask has obtained European CE certification, Malaysia MDA and CIBG in the Netherlands. Up to now, the mask has exported hundreds of millions to foreign countries, and has been exported from the United States, the UK, and the United Kingdom France, Russia, Spain and other dozens of countries highly recognized. In addition, the healthy box's PLA all degradation bacteriostatic mask and medical N95 series of products also participated in the event.

Health Box  exhibitors introduced to reporters that the "friendly day" Exhibition hosted by the association of friendship has set up a platform for entrepreneurs from all walks of life to communicate with each other, effectively understand the market situation and development trend, and also an opportunity for health box to display their image and strength. Health Box  is a high-tech mask manufacturer, Through exhibition activities, visitors can learn product information, catching the eyes of partners and improve visibility. Health Box  attaches great importance to and thanks for this opportunity. In the future, health box  will bring more and more high-quality products to customers.

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