Anhui Health Box Launches Children's Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks to Help Schools Fight the Epidemic

According to the latest epidemic data officially released by Fujian on the 16th, among the 129 local confirmed cases, 58 people are 14 years old and below (57 of them are under 12 years old). The epidemic in Putian, Fujian highlighted the characteristics of a younger age. Schools were the first place of the epidemic, which caused more infections in children and increased the risk of epidemic spillover.It is understood that in the face of the severe epidemic situation in Fujian, which coincides with the beginning of the school season in September, Anhui Health Box urgently launched the national standard children's version of the Novel Coronavirus inactivated mask, which is a flat high-end protective mask designed for children aged 6-12. The children’s version mainly using copper oxide non-woven fabric as the main material.The new type of inactivated masks in use of the antimicrobial properties of copper ions to directly contact inactivated bacteria, viruses and fungi, and have safe, non-irritating, skin-friendly and comfortable product functions. However, this child mask has not been put on the market on a large scale at present, only reservations are accepted.

The Novel Coronavirus pneumonia strain has a strong ability to spread. The Fujian epidemic involved at least 6 schools, and children have become a high-risk population. As a large-scale manufacturer of epidemic prevention materials, Anhui Health Box has a special mission during the epidemic. The reporter learned from the official website of the Anhui Health Box Company that the Health Box adjusted the sales announcement of the copper oxide Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks in Fujian. It was clearly stated that all local enterprises in Fujian purchasing the Health Box containing copper oxide Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks with their business license can have the sales price 15% down based on the original price. In addition, in response to the situation of the younger age in Fujian, the Health Box specially launched the children's version of copper oxide Novel Coronavirus inactivation masks. Compared with the adult version, the form, content, product design, production process, etc. of children version’s copper ion and non-woven fabric combined technology have extremely high requirements. The Health Box R & D team overcomes the technical barriers to the sterilization performance of traditional masks. The children's version of the Novel Coronavirus inactivated mask has been tested by the national P3 level of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases. The Health Box contains COPPER OXIDE MASKs for the Novel Coronavirus. The inactivation activity of the virus is as high as 99.7%, and according to the test report of the Anhui Academy of Medical Sciences, the precipitation rate of copper oxide ion is one ten thousandth of the safe value, and the irritation to the skin is 0.

According to the person in charge of the Marketing Department of the Health Box, the children's version of the Health Box contains COPPER OXIDE MASKs, which conform to the GB/T32610-2016 standard. It has the characteristics of safety protection, skin-friendly and comfortable. The Health Box launching the children's version of the mask on the market on one hand is due to its technology maturity and on the other hand, is due to the needs of the epidemic. This time Fujian epidemic has sounded the alarm that Children's personal protection should not be taken lightly. Children's safety must be put first, and the Health Box is willing to contribute its strength to weave a protective net for children.

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