He Jiesheng, former executive vice minister of the Ministry of health and founder of China Life Insurance, said that "when you travel, you have to wear a health box mask, which is safe enough"!

Recently, Huang Yuhao, chairman of health box, accompanied he Jiesheng, former executive vice minister of the Ministry of health, the first chairman of the founder of China Life Insurance and President of China Preventive Medicine Association, to visit Jiangxia blood, a new technology enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine for stroke.

During this period, Chen Shaojun, chairman of Jiangxia blood, made a special report. Subsequently, minister he highly praised the Covid-19 inactivation mask produced by health box and health box and launched exclusively in the world, and said that "you have to wear this mask when you travel. It's safe enough"!

In the future, health box  will continue to lead the R & D team to overcome technical problems, adhere to innovation and breakthrough, develop the latest mask technology, and create high-tech and high-quality health box brand products.

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