220 Thousand Yuan! Anhui Health Box Donates Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks to Help Moldova Fight the Epidemic

On December 9, 2021, the donation ceremony of Health Box to Moldova was held in Beijing. It is reported that the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova in China, Her Excellency Belakis Dumitru, Counselor Ms. Cicili, President Zhang Zengwang of Beijing Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Xiaolin, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Lianfei Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd. and other leaders Attended the donation ceremony together.

It is understood that this Health Box donated protective masks worth 220,000 yuan including copper oxide filter half masks, medical N95 and polylactic acid fully degradable antibacterial protective masks to Moldova to improve Moldova’s response to the novel coronavirus. Pneumonia epidemic capacity. In addition, the reporter learned that the Health Box received a special thank you letter from Moldova, expressing the Moldovan people's gratitude for the donation of 220,000 yuan of protective masks by the Health Box.

As a functional mask, the Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated mask has become a hot-selling brand during the epidemic and is a must-have item for people to travel safely. However, as a production and R&D enterprise, Health Box takes the active fight against the epidemic as its social responsibility and is enthusiastic about public welfare. It has donated hundreds of thousands of protective masks to Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries, and cooperated with front-line medical staff to fight the epidemic and slow down their epidemic prevention and control. Material pressure allows the world to witness the brand power of Health Box. In addition, the Health Box has also donated domestic epidemic areas such as Guangzhou, Yunnan, Gansu, etc., to help the government, communities, and medical staff fight the epidemic together.

The reporter learned that the copper oxide-containing filter half mask with novel coronavirus inactivating activity donated by the Health Box to Moldova was supervised by the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong, and it was verified that it is as high as 99.7 on the novel coronavirus strain 99.7% Of inactivation. At present, the domestic epidemic situation in Moldova has not been under limited control. This time, I took the initiative to contact the Health Box, hoping that the Health Box will donate this protective mask with 99.7% of the novel coronavirus inactivation, which shows the international market’s support for the Health Box brand and its functionality The trust of masks.

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