Hot events of Anhui health box in August 2021

1.Malaysian athletes wear health box's covid-19 inactivated mask on the podium of the Tokyo Olympic Games

In the men's doubles bronze medal competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Malaysia beat Indonesia 2-1 to win the third place. health box's covid-19 inactivated mask and Malaysian athletes boarded the podium of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

2.Hefei TV talk about Hefei report about health box's appearance at the Tokyo Olympic Games

As a modern medical equipment company, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. boarded the stage of the Tokyo Olympic Games and improved its international popularity and reputation. The "say Hefei" column of Hefei TV made a special report about health box's covid-19 inactivated mask appearance sponsoring the Malaysian Olympic delegation to appear in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

3.Multiple media linkage and joint reporting Unveiled the "made in Hefei" mask for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

The covid-19 inactivated mask developed by Anhui box Health Production Co., Ltd. boarded the stage of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, let the world know the health box, and display Chinese brands and made in China“ "Made in Hefei" instantly became a hot topic, and many media made special reports on box health.

4.Mr. HAQ, Ambassador of Pakistan sent a  thank-you letter to health box

Anhui health box  technology novel coronavirus pneumonia donated 100 thousand masks to Pakistan through the National Association for friendship with foreign countries, including the box's healthy star products, new crown mask and the all reduced poly lactic acid antibacterial mask, which is designed to support the Pakistan people against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It is reported that recently, Anhui box Health Technology Co., Ltd. received a special thank-you letter from Pakistan's ambassador to China, Mr. Huck, to express the gratitude of the Pakistani people for the public welfare behavior of box health donating 100000 protective masks.

5.Health box donated covid-19 inactivated mask to Chinese police network of the Ministry of public security

On August 11, 2021, the donation ceremony of health box and China police network was held in Beijing. It is reported that Guan Qing, chairman of police network media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and President of China police network, Yang wensuo, Secretary of the general Party branch of China police network, Kong fanhong, general manager of Police Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and other leaders of relevant departments attended the donation ceremony.

6.The health box's covid-19 inactivated mask can be used repeatedly for five days, Over 120 hours in total, the sterilization rate remained 99%

The repeated use bacteriostatic performance test of health box on the covid-19 inactivated mask is supervised by the national notary office. Tested by Ningbo Customs Technical Center, an authoritative CMA and CNAs organization, the experimental results show that under the standard environment, health box's covid-19 inactivated mask can be worn repeatedly for five days for more than 120 hours. The sterilization efficiency of the new crown inactivation mask after use is still more than 99%.

7.Anhui Health Box donate healthbox customized covid-19 inactivated mask

On August 19, 2021, Anhui Health box Technology Co., Ltd. donated a customized new crown inactivation mask of health box to Anhui economic TV in order to help epidemic prevention and control and protect the health of front-line journalists.

8.Health box's covid-19 inactivated mask officially obtained Health Canada medical device sales license.

Recently, the health box European standard medical version of the covid-19 inactivated mask has officially obtained the medical device license (MDL) of the Ministry of health of Canada. After months of continuous communication with Health Canada, after submitting dozens of comprehensive test reports, Health Canada officially issued a license to Anhui box health today, allowing the covid-19 inactivated mask produced by Anhui health box to be fully sold in Canada. It is reported that this is another heavy certificate obtained by Anhui healt box h after obtaining EU CE certification, Malaysia MDA certification and Germany TUV certification.

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