The Health Box Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Mask Officially Obtained the Medical Device Sales License from Health Canada

Recently, the European standard medical version of the Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated mask has officially obtained the Medical Device License (MDL) of Health Canada. After months of continuous communication with Health Canada, Health Canada has submitted dozens of comprehensive test reports. Allow the novel coronavirus inactivated masks produced by Anhui Health Box to be fully sold in Canada. It is reported that this is also another heavy certificate obtained by Anhui Health Box after obtaining the EU CE certification, Malaysia MDA certification, and Germany TUV certification.

It is understood that the processing of Canadian medical device licenses by Chinese companies is affected by differences in foreign policies, management regulations, and regional culture, and its quality assessment and testing procedures are more stringent and complicated. The Anhui Health Box successfully obtained a medical device license from the Ministry of Health of Canada, marking that the Health Box medical version of the novel coronavirus inactivated masks can enter the Canadian market and be sold throughout the country. It also shows that the health box European standard medical novel coronavirus inactivated masks have reached world-class levels. The quality standard is a kind of safety certification. In addition, this fully proves the superior performance of the Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated masks, whether in terms of production control, quality assurance, risk level, etc., they have reached the international quality standard system.

The world's first European-standard medical novel coronavirus inactivated mask of the Health Box uses a five-layer structure and uses copper oxide non-woven fabric as the main material. It meets the European EN14683 TYPEⅡR medical testing standard. After authoritative testing by the national P3 laboratory and verification by the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases, its inactivation effect on the novel coronavirus is as high as 99.7%. Prior to this, Health Box has conducted repeated experiments. Zhejiang Ningbo Customs Technology Center has tested the novel coronavirus of Health Box. The inactivation mask issued an authoritative inspection report, which showed that after 5 days of repeated testing and experimentation of the Health Box containing copper oxide filter half mask, the inactivation effect is still as high as 99%, and it has the unique advantage of being reusable. This mask, after being successfully developed by Anhui Health Box in December last year and first released in the world, has become a hot product in the market. Waiting for the welcome from more than 30 countries and regions. At present, the novel coronavirus inactivated masks have obtained more than 20 overseas certification tests, including the EU CE certificate, TUV test report, Dutch CIBG, Malaysian MDA certificate, and Canadian MDL. This means that the epidemic materials and products produced by Health Box will further expand its influence on a global scale and be freely sold in the European Union, the Americas and other countries.

The reporter was informed that this European-standard medical version of the new crown inactivated mask containing copper oxide, which has a filtering level of N99 mask standard, was shown with the Malay sports delegation at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and also reached the highest podium of the Olympics, letting the world know Healthbox has been created. Today, the health box has obtained the Canadian MDL medical device certification, indicating that its products fully comply with Canadian safety, protection level and other regulatory requirements, and it is a high recognition of the quality of the health box products. In addition, HealthBox is recruiting North American distributors of HealthBox New Crown Inactivated Masks from around the world, aiming to contribute China's power to the global fight against the epidemic!

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