Pakistani Ambassador to China Mr. Hack Sent a Letter of Thanks to the Health Box

On June 24, 2021, Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 masks to Pakistan through the National Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, including the novel coronavirus inactivated masks, the star product of Box Health, and the fully degradable polylactic acid antibacterial masks, aiming to support The people of Pakistan are fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It is reported that Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. recently received a letter of thanks from Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Mr. Harker to express the Pakistani people’s gratitude for the donation of 100,000 protective masks by Box Health.

(Letter of thanks from Pakistani Ambassador to China Mr. Haq to Health Box)

The letter of appreciation introduced that Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 protective masks in helping the Pakistani people fight the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, which contributed to alleviating the shortage of medical supplies in the epidemic area and improved Pakistan’s ability to effectively respond to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It also added a new chapter to the glorious history of Sino-Pakistani relations.

The reporter learned that the previous box health donated products to Pakistan included the European standard medical copper oxide novel coronavirus inactivated masks developed by the health box specifically for overseas medical scenarios, which have passed the national P3 level of the national key laboratory for emerging infectious diseases. It has been verified that the inactivation effect of this mask on the novel coronavirus is as high as 99.7%. In order to diversify the product selection, health box scientific researchers also launched two novel coronavirus inactivation masks of European standard medical folding and flat models, and both of them meet the European EN14683 TYPE ⅡR medical testing standards. At present, Anhui Health Box has obtained the European Union CE certification, Malaysia MDA, Netherlands CIBG, ISO13485 and other related certifications in the world.

As an international large-scale anti-epidemic material production and R&D enterprise, Anhui Health Box has actively used its own resources to integrate overseas demand and domestic supply since the outbreak, and built a global anti-epidemic material trading platform. More than 30 countries and regions, including Pakistan and Malaysia, have delivered hundreds of millions of masks. They have also actively participated in domestic public welfare undertakings and provided public welfare assistance to Yunnan, Guangzhou and other places. It is understood that after receiving a thank-you letter from Pakistan this time, Huang Yuhao, chairman of Healthy Box, was very excited about it and said that in the era of economic globalization, if foreign epidemics are not effectively controlled, trade will be affected, and health As an anti-epidemic material manufacturer, Box donated 100,000 protective masks to Pakistan. It was only a modest effort. However, the healthy box can demonstrate China's strength to the world, reflect the spirit of responsibility of Chinese companies, and make China-Pakistan "iron friendship" stronger. The health box is still very honored.

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