How to Buy Health Box covid-19 Inactivated Masks Online

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Tokyo New National Stadium. All members of the Malay Olympic delegation wore the novel coronavirus inactivated masks developed by Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the arena. After that, Malaysian athletes were Wearing a Health box novel coronavirus inactivated mask on the podium. It is reported that the unique pink COPPER OXIDE MASK of the Health box suddenly became the focus of attention, and related terms such as "Olympic masks" have also become hot words in search. Many people want to have Malay Olympic athletes with the same powder powder. Masks. For a while, businesses have sold pirated masks under the banner of "Malay Olympic Masks". How to buy genuine Health box COPPER OXIDE MASKs through formal channels, and the Health box made the latest response.

According to the person in charge of the Marketing Department of the Health Box, the “Malay Olympic Masks of the Same Model” of the Health Box is not sold on any online platform, and the Health Box is not authorized to sell on any e-commerce platform. The Health Box is only donated to the Malay sports representatives of the Tokyo Olympics. It is used by groups and is not sold on any online platform. All "Malay Olympic Masks" on sale are fake and inferior products. Regarding how to purchase genuine Health box brand masks, the person in charge of the company’s marketing department stated that, except for the health box’s own official online store (Taobao: Health box enterprise store), there is no distribution authorization on the Internet for the time being. You can buy genuine Health box masks only at the official Taobao online store of “Health Box Enterprise Store”

The reporter learned on the Taobao e-commerce platform named "Health Box Enterprise Store" that Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. sells five products in the Taobao store of "Health Box Enterprise Store", namely: copper oxide filter half mask (National standard civilian version), copper oxide filter half mask (European standard civilian version), polylactic acid fully degradable antibacterial mask, medical N95, and KN95 disposable protective masks. Regarding the five products, the Health box has its specific product introductions and obtained testing certifications in the Taobao stores where it sells. For example, a copper oxide filter half mask (national standard civilian version), the five-layer structure, the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases, and the detection of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University are specifically introduced on the Taobao details page of the "Health Box Enterprise Store" Reports are accompanied by detailed product information and product details. The reporter also paid special attention to the fact that each product in the "Health Box Enterprise Store" Taobao finally left the company's contact information for consumers to inquire about related product information.

This time, the novel coronavirus inactivated mask made by Anhui Health Box was unveiled at the Tokyo Olympics, rectifying the name of "Made in China" on the international stage, and it is a true reflection of Chinese companies going global. However, counterfeit and inferior products are behaviors that disrupt the market and cannot be tolerated by the normal market order. When consumers buy Health box masks online, they can only use the official online channel of the Taobao store called "Health Box Enterprise Store".

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