Huang Yuhao, Chairman of Health Box, paid a visit to Professor Guan Yi, a world-renowned virology expert

Recently, Huang Yuhao, chairman of Anhui Health Box, had a meeting with Professor Guan Yi, a world-renowned virology expert and chief technical consultant of Health Box, at the Joint Institute of Virology of Shantou University and the University of Hong Kong. At the meeting, Huang Yuhao introduced to Professor Guan Yi the new-stage global strategic layout of the Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated masks. At the same time, Professor Guan Yi was responsible for the P3 level of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases on the novel coronavirus inactivated masks project I expressed my heartfelt thanks for the support of academic research. Chairman Huang Yuhao said that the continuous breakthroughs in the technology of inactivated masks for the novel coronavirus of the Health Box are inseparable from the professional guidance and technical support given by expert consultants represented by Professor Guan Yi.

Professor Guan Yi, as the director of the Shantou University-Hong Kong University Joint Institute of Virology, the discoverer of the SARS coronavirus and its source of infection, and an international authority on influenza virus research, has long occupied the list of the world's most influential scientists. At the same time, Professor Guan Yi is also the main person in charge of the "State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases", the supervising unit of Anhui Health Box novel coronavirus Inactivated Masks, and inspects and supervises the quality of this novel coronavirus inactivated mask product of Anhui Health Box.

Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. is an internationally oriented modern protective equipment manufacturer, with tens of thousands of square meters of 100,000-level sterilization workshops and an independent R&D team. Last year, Health Box released the world's first novel coronavirus inactivated masks. The total number of page views on the whole platform exceeded 500 million times within 72 hours, detonating domestic and foreign markets, and the number of exports reached hundreds of millions. This year, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Health Box European standard medical novel coronavirus inactivated masks will appear with the Malay delegation at the opening ceremony, and will be on the international stage, letting the world recognize the brand power of the Health Box.

Anhui Health Box launched the copper oxide novel coronavirus inactivated masks. The State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the P3 level was specially invited to supervise the masks throughout the process to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished masks. It is reported that Professor Guan Yi’s laboratory is willing to become the supervisory unit of Anhui Health Box. It was decided after testing the products of Health Box for many times, verifying the quality of Health Box products and the standardization of production.

The Health Box novel coronavirus inactivated mask adopts the world's top technology, with the "copper oxide-containing non-woven fabric" with microbial inactivation characteristics as the main material, and this raw material has a patented technology that can efficiently inactivate a new type of coronavirus, including the novel coronavirus. Hundreds of viruses, bacteria and even mites are mainly sterilized by the active metal ion of Cu2+. According to the test report of the Anhui Academy of Medical Sciences, the precipitation rate of copper oxide ions is one-thousandth of the safe value, which is safe and non-irritating. In addition, the Health Box also launched two European standard medical inactivated masks for the novel coronavirus, a folding type and a flat type, which were specially developed for overseas medical scenes. They passed the European EN14683 TYPE ⅡR medical testing standards and were warmly welcomed by overseas markets. And become a hot product in the international market. At present, the Health Box has obtained many relevant certifications such as EU CE, Malaysian MDA, Dutch CIBG, and Canadian MDL.

It is understood that the Health Box research and development team surpassed the high-end international standards of medical protective equipment, and took the lead in introducing copper oxide protective masks that specifically inactivate the novel coronavirus to the world. This mask with copper oxide non-woven fabric as the main material makes it possible for copper to be used for personal hygiene protection, creating a precedent in the medical protective mask industry and leading the development of the modern medical field.

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