Health Box Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks Debut at the Winter Olympics-Bringing "Made in China" to the World!

On February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened. While the whole world is watching the event, a small mask worn by the athletes of the Malaysian delegation has attracted the attention of all parties. This mask is different from the traditional black and white masks. It uses bright orange-red as the main color. The three-dimensional design realizes real-time facial coverage. At the same time, the Olympic logo printed on the mask makes the overall design very eye-catching.

After a lot of understanding, the reporter found that the protective masks worn by the Malaysian Olympic team were actually "Made in China" with patented technology. It is reported that this protective mask was actually launched by a company in Hefei, Anhui Province on December 8, 2020. It is the first company in the world to innovatively use copper oxide ion technology to produce virus-inactivated masks. The bright orange-red color seen by the audience at the Winter Olympics is the natural color shown by the copper ions in the masks, not through artificial dyeing technology. Different from traditional masks, which are only protective, this inactivated mask has virus inactivation characteristics, and can actively inactivate more than 10