Health Box Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks Debut at the Winter Olympics-Bringing "Made in China" to the World!

On February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened. While the whole world is watching the event, a small mask worn by the athletes of the Malaysian delegation has attracted the attention of all parties. This mask is different from the traditional black and white masks. It uses bright orange-red as the main color. The three-dimensional design realizes real-time facial coverage. At the same time, the Olympic logo printed on the mask makes the overall design very eye-catching.

After a lot of understanding, the reporter found that the protective masks worn by the Malaysian Olympic team were actually "Made in China" with patented technology. It is reported that this protective mask was actually launched by a company in Hefei, Anhui Province on December 8, 2020. It is the first company in the world to innovatively use copper oxide ion technology to produce virus-inactivated masks. The bright orange-red color seen by the audience at the Winter Olympics is the natural color shown by the copper ions in the masks, not through artificial dyeing technology. Different from traditional masks, which are only protective, this inactivated mask has virus inactivation characteristics, and can actively inactivate more than 100 viruses and bacteria, including the novel coronavirus, that are in direct contact with the mask. It is reported that this "Healthy Box" brand inactivated mask is currently the only protective mask in the country that has obtained the "National Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong" for the new coronavirus inactivation test of finished masks. The report pointed out that this mask has two layers inside and outside. It has up to 99.7% inactivation against the novel coronavirus. At the same time, this mask has a repeated use test report notarized by the National Notary Office and issued by the Ningbo Testing Institute for up to 5 days of uninterrupted repeated wearing. In addition to the Winter Olympics, this mask has also appeared on the stage of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in Japan, and has appeared on the opening ceremony and podium of the Tokyo Olympics.

After the reporter learned that the manufacturer of this inactivated mask is Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., located in Yaohai District, Hefei, Anhui, it is the largest production base of protective masks in Anhui, with a daily output of up to 2 million protective masks. At the same time, it is also the strategic reserve unit of epidemic prevention materials in Anhui Province and the only supplier of medical N95. Anhui Health Box has always been at the forefront of developing new anti-epidemic products. In 2020, the world's first novel coronavirus inactivated masks and polylactic acid fully degradable masks will be released. Its company has more than 20 testing certifications around the world, including EU CE certificate, Canada MDL, Malaysia MDA, Germany TUV, etc. The product categories include civil KN95, medical N95, FFP2, FFP3 and other products.

In this Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, all countries wear protective masks produced by their own countries, but the Malaysian delegation returned to China wearing protective masks produced in China, which proves that Chinese manufacturing is gradually going global. As a Chinese enterprise, it also needs to have the "Olympic spirit" to strive for the goal of "300 million people participating in ice and snow sports", realize the dream of a sports power, promote the development of world ice and snow sports, and make unremitting efforts and beauty to make new contributions to the international Olympic movement. Pursue. We look forward to more Chinese-made masks, like this little mask, going to the world and the future.

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