China Police Network Becomes a National Distributor of Health Box Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks

Recently, Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. and China Police Network reached a strategic cooperation. According to the cooperation agreement, Health Box authorized China Police Network to officially become a national distributor of Health Box Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Masks. Based on the principle of common anti-epidemic, use the Health Box brand With the advantages of word-of-mouth and influence, the two parties have established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship to further expand market share. The reporter found that in the topic about Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, China Police Network recommended the Novel Coronavirus inactivated mask produced by Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. on the official WeChat public account, and it was officially recognized as the best travel must-have.

Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., invested and established by Beijing Health Box Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-end protective equipment manufacturer integrating production, education and research. It is also a key reserve unit of medical supplies in Anhui Province. "White List" is also a designated supplier by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a designated procurement unit by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. At present, the Health Box has delivered hundreds of millions of protective masks to countries around the world, including more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, India, Brazil, Russia, and Taiwan.

Ordinary masks can only filter out germs and have no bactericidal effect, and are easy to attach germs and cannot be reused. It is understood that the Health Box national standard civilian version of the COPPER OXIDE MASK first launched by China Police Network has been tested and verified by the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the P3 level, and its inactivation effect on the Novel Coronavirus is as high as 99.7%. In addition, this mask has also undergone repeated experiments. Zhejiang Ningbo Customs Technology Center issued an authoritative inspection report on the Healthy Box Novel Coronavirus inactivated mask, which showed that the Health Box contains copper oxide filter half masks after repeated use for more than 120 hours. , The sterilization rate remains 99%. The Health Box R&D team also launched two Novel Coronavirus inactivation masks of European standard medical folding type and flat type for overseas medical fields, which meet the highest level of European EN14683 TYPE ⅡR medical testing standards. In addition, it also appeared with the Malaysian delegation in Tokyo 2020. Olympic Games, and boarded the highest podium, let the world know the Health Box. At present, this mask has obtained many certifications such as EU CE, Malaysian MDA, Dutch CIBG, and Canadian MDL.

"The police officers of China Police Network always put the people's life safety and health first. During the epidemic, they protect safety and ensure stability. As a key epidemic prevention material storage unit, Health Box always puts enterprise responsibility first. It is a great honor to actively give back to the society and fulfill social responsibilities. It is a great honour to cooperate with China Police Network to make the Health Box Novel Coronavirus inactivated masks go to the world and contribute to the world’s fight against the epidemic. In addition, this cooperation , I also hope to give some deterrence to the manufacturers of counterfeit and inferior health boxes in the market, help the market fight counterfeiting, and let consumers wear genuine products and get safety protection,” said Huang Yuhao, chairman of the Health Box.

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