Health Box has reached strategic cooperation with Wanlong group

On October 12, 2021, Anhui Health Box Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "health box ") officially reached a strategic cooperation with Wanlong group. According to the cooperation agreement, both parties actively promote various cooperation and promote the development of various businesses based on mutual good trust. This time, Wanlong holiday paradise has reached a strategic cooperation with the health box producing the Covid-19 inactivated mask, which will make Wanlong one of the best and most complete ski resorts for epidemic prevention. It is reported that Luo Xingrong, general manager of Wanlong holiday paradise, Wang Lin, investment manager of Wanlong holiday paradise, Dou Jinyu, camp manager of Wanlong holiday paradise, and others jointly attended the strategic cooperation Fair.

This time, health box and Wanlong group, the largest international ski resort in China, reached an agreement on the promotion and operation of the Chinese version of HB-008 inactivated mask containing copper oxide in the health box. It is understood that the two sides will conduct in-depth and close strategic cooperation in channel expansion, brand publicity and marketing planning on the premise of mutual benefit and win-win results, so as to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, long-term and stable cooperation.

Anhui Health Box has a 100000 level sterile production workshop of tens of thousands of square meters. It is a large mask production base integrating production, study and research. It has been selected into the "double white list" of medical and civil epidemic prevention materials of the medical insurance chamber of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce. At the same time, health box is also a supplier designated by the Ministry of foreign affairs, has been included in the centralized procurement system of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, and has also been listed as a designated procurement unit by the SASAC of the State Council. At present, health box has obtained more than 20 overseas certification tests, including EU CE certificate, German TUV certification, Malaysia MDA and Canada MDL certificate.
Located in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, Wanlong holiday paradise is famous overseas with skiing as the core. It is the first national 4A scenic spot characterized by skiing in China. It ranks first among many ski resorts in the world and is one of the earliest ski resorts opened in China. Since 2003, statistics show that more than 3 million skiers have come to the resort to enjoy skiing.
The cooperation between health box and Wanlong group, the "largest international" Wanlong ski resort in China, is a principled and intentional cooperation agreement signed by the two sides based on strategic cooperation, and is based on the consideration of the long-term development strategy of the two sides. Wanlong group has many sophisticated customer groups and has a mature business operation model, while health box  has the advantages of brand and technology R & D. The box health and Wan Long group have reached unanimous cooperation on the promotion and operation of the Covid-19 mask. The health box's COPPER OXIDE MASK is specially developed for New Coronavirus. After its verification at the National Key Laboratory of new infectious diseases at the national P3 level, it has a 99.7% inactivation effect on COVID-19. According to official health box, health box has developed the world's top FFP3 class COVID-19 inactivated mask, with an average respiratory resistance of less than 150pa and a filtration efficiency of 99.9/100, giving users the highest level and the most secure protection.

At the signing ceremony, the reporter felt that the two companies were full of expectations for the "strong alliance", and said that this cooperation was the integration of the resource advantages of the two sides to maximize the synergy. This time, health box signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wanlong group, which not only added guarantee to the perfect conclusion of safety, epidemic prevention and health movement of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, but also injected strong impetus into the future high-quality development of both sides.

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